Allow quantities for certain items to be listed instead of multiple listings.

I find it strange I cannot say I’m selling three of this game, two of this or something. I see like 20 listings from one seller trying to sell 20 of one item so why not allow quantities to be listed.

Also loving the site so far. I haven’t been scammed yet which my friend said would occur.

Bump! (Sorry if this isnt allowed)

Anyway, I was going to suggest this idea. Would make it a lot easier since a lot of the time copying listings doesnt copy everything.

For now, you could try the “duplicate” listing feature on the website. Put your listing in Draft and look for the icon (on the right) that says “Create a copy in draft”.

I am surprised I haven’t even thought if that to bring up. But yes that would be a great feature to add in the future. Especially when sellers have 5+ or 20+ copies of a game.

Have you tried the duplicate feature (“Create a copy in draft”)? The icon looks like the screenshot below when you view the listing (web) from On Sale or Draft tabs.

But its a lot easier to type in a number and have the site duplicate it the amount of entered times

Hey @danielroxheaps, have you tried to use the button to create multiple copies in “Ready”?

It will create multiple copies of the item you want, and then you will just need to list them from the “Draft” folder.

If you have any other question, please, let me know.


@DunnBiscuit Hello, please add that feature in “In-game items” category to. We badly needed it, I hope it will be implemented ASAP. We love gameflip! <3

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