Suggestion: "Create a copy in Draft" button

Hello and good afternoon. I am writing this suggestion today to save sellers time when re-listing duplicate products. The majority of what I sell on this site has been virtual items. Like many other sellers, I tend to have duplicate items to give away. I notice that there is a “Create a copy in Draft” button, but it doesn’t appear to work for digital goods. I have tried using this button for several different categories, and each time I get the message “Skin items cannot be duplicated at this moment”. I have been getting this message for years, but I can’t help but think I could save hours upon hours of listing items if I could just duplicate the listing I just sold. I am sure I’m not the only seller that would appreciate being able to re-list items, especially when the buyer asks you to cancel. With all of that being said, I know we have had trouble in the past with a decent amount of spam in certain categories and this may seem like it’ll create that issue again. But I believe it is up to us as a community to report the sellers that abuse this feature. Again, on behalf of all digital sellers, please think about adding this option for us.

On another note I would like to thank you for getting around to adding the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl categories. It has relieved a good amount of congestion and improper listings from other categories. With this being said, I encourage you to look ahead at the release of Pokemon Arceus Legends and look to implement that category sooner rather than later.

Thank you for your consideration and so long.

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Huge issue with Pokemon BDSP is that [Celeste] Just dominates listing be spamming it with her post. Just like the Animal Crossing New Horizon Section in two hours my post went from top to the 18 page and on bells went from 1st page to 5th.

Hey @Cody_Gauthier!

Thanks for the feedback.

I’ll make sure to pass along your suggestion to our team and see what can be done ok.

Hope you have a great day!

God Speed! :trident: