Listing Template Feature / Duplicate Listing / Relist Option

I’d like to make a suggestion for there to be some type of option to more easily create listings.

This would be extremely helpful for people who make multiple listings for similar items often. For example, if I want to list 10 of the same item individually.

If there was some way to “create copy of listing” or option to relist sold items, it would be quicker to make listings. Or if we could create listing templates somehow. It would just make creating the listings a bit faster.

This suggestion is based out of pure laziness, but it just feels a bit tedious currently. It would probably be hard to incorporate a feature like that, but figured I’d suggest it anyways.

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Hi there!
We have this option for a few categories like games and gift cards.
On your listings you can find this icon below in the picture and create copies of that listing, either in draft or ready mode:

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Oh alrighty, thanks for letting me know. I can’t seem to find an option like that for in game items anywhere in app on android, or in browser (neither on desktop mode or mobile browser). If that’s isnt a thing hopefully it can be for in game items in the future. It’s cool its at least available for some categories. Thanks for the reply !


It will be great if this will be posible in ingame items category…


Hello guys,

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll pass it to the responsible team so we can discuss and perhaps add it to the marketplace in the near future.