relist and web interface

i’d love to see a relist feature on the app…or maybe even a web interface :slight_smile:

Not sure what you mean by “relist”, but if your listing expires, you can quickly List it again from Menu > Listings without editing it.

@John_Blaine Just as @TheFuBar says, if you go to your Listings section there’s a couple of options depending on if the item has been sold or expired. If you’d like to simply relist an expired listing, you can click on that particular listing under “For Sale” and then press “Done”. This will relist the item. If there’s a “Sold” item that you’d like to create another listing of that particular item for. Then you can press the “Copy” button next to the listing and then “Done”. This will make another listing of the original listing. However this particular feature is only available on iOS as of right now, and have already brought this up to the engineers to get this implemented for Android too.

As for a web interface. This is definitely something that we’ve talked about, but want to first focus on the app and improving the marketplace first before we start that project :smile:

oooh ya i am on android there’s no copy button yet :frowning:

Yeah I’ve been pushing to get this added, cause I’m in the same boat too :unamused: