(Suggestion)Animal Crossing Listing/Relist Options(NEEDED)

Just a quick suggestion on a few things, the more i am interested in one of the suggestions, the higher on the list. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read my suggestions.

  1. Allow us to communicate with a buyer after a sale is marked delivered and confirmed. I know this is to avoid further third party sales, etc but i need to create custom bundles sometimes. For new users they cannot simply comment on one of my listings, the must use this message feature. Which cuts off after sale completion on my end, but they can send messages. (Another side effect is some users think i am ignoring them when in fact i cannot reply…)

2.Allow for RELISTING/ Copying of a SOLD postings for Animal Crossing New Horizons, doesn’t have to be active. Please allow us to copy at least our sold listings to relist easier, this is just going to streamline things on seller end and make you more money in the long run! :slight_smile:

Also, i understand why this isn’t implemented, to address the spamming issues with listings which i am semi guilty of. I just sell them so often it is a hassle and very time consuming to repost right after sale.

  1. Allow connection. This is in somewhat of a relation to point 1. Simply a suggestion to allow the users to connect more directly with us sellers. If this can be enabled account specific, i would like that.

Easy implementation is a giant MESSAGE SELLER button on each post at the top or bottom, if i can EMBED that myself with html or something let me know i can just do that!!!

If there is reasoning for the way things are that i did not address i apologize for my ignorance of this platform, i believe that is all i had on my mind at the moment, thanks all!

Just wanted to say for #1 just download the GF App and you can continue the conversation after the item is sold. You cant do it any other way that i found. I still communicate with a few people on old sold ads.