New feature suggestion - improvement

Hello guys. I’m going to suggest adding some features again, other markets already have something similar.

As a seller i’m sick of new people that do not know how to use the gift cards they’re buying or that attempt to scam me and block my money in disputes for days. I would like to have the opportunity to filter my customers / select my customers. A new feature that can easily help all serious sellers and also clear up some time for your disputes resolution team to handle more important stuff would be adding an option for us as vendors to select that we only make that listing available to Gameflip users that have a minimum feedback / or number of already successful trades on Gameflip.

For example: I want an option to select to make my listings available only to Gameflip users with a minimum number or successful past transaction let’s say 10. If i select 10 no users under 10 previously completed deals can see my listings. If i select 100, I only sell my stuff to users with 100 successful previous Gameflip transactions and so on.


You can also add filter by country. If i sell some gift cards that work in USA i don’t want that just stated in the listing i only want ACTUAL people from JUST THAT COUNTRY to be able to see my inventory. If i want to sell to CHINA and i select CHINA only CHINA sees and so on.

I’m adding all these suggestions because every few days i’m dealing with disputes and all are from new accounts.

All of this will greatly ease the work of your disputes resolution team too and maybe even help you decrease the long number of days disputes take to get solved. Your team is clearly overburden.


100% agree with you, this is a great idea to help prevent fraud and scams as well as protecting the sellers.


Damn right. It should be my option who i want to sell to. Especially when paying these fees.


And it also eases the work of the disputes team a lot because disputes number will decrease. @DunnBiscuit @MajorTom


If I sell something at a really bad price but someone purchases do I have to cancel the purchase if requested?

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Hello @riotgiftcards,

Thanks for the ideia.

I will make sure to pass this ideia along to the team.

Hello @Bread,

The amount of the listing is up to you and the buyer purchases if they are interested in the price.

Now if you did not deliver and would like to cancel or the buyer requests you to cancel, you can feel free to do so.

God Speed! :trident:


1000% agreed we do need something like this could save us loads of poetional money :ok_hand:t2:

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Bump. Great suggestions upthread and no action had been apparently taken.

The ability to block zero feedback users is a must in any self-respecting marketplace, the more filters the merrier - let the sellers decide between high price/high risk and lower price/lower risk

One more easy idea is to mandatory display the seller’s country; buyers should have ability to know if they’re buying across the borders; besides the safety there are also legal reasons to do so.


Viewing the seller’s country is a small and effective feature! :wink:

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