MUST HAVE option for sellers that is not available.

I’m a Gameflip featured store power-seller, all the digital items in my shop are being posted with auto-delivery. I noticed there is a high-number of disputes always started by fresh buyer accounts with 0 feedback. This is a big headache for me and I’m pretty sure it is the same for other sellers because most of these are fraud attempts. Please ad an option that allows us to set our listings to be available only for users that already have a good track record on Gameflip for example: option to choose the amount of minimum positive feedback a buyer needs to have to buy my listing, either 10 or 500. It’s very simple and very efficient. Will also save customer support for disputes a lot of wasted time.


I 100% agree with this option. I had an issue with a new buyer who had no ratings and bought one of my iTunes cards and attempted to scam me by putting a dispute on it. Wasted my time for something that could’ve been avoided. Sellers should have this option.

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I agree. A guy with a rating of 3 tried to scam me of a GTAV Key which is currently under escalated dispute. To make it fair, we should pay a small fee for this option in our listing or include it as one of the perks in Pro Club and Ultra Club as it would be unfair to new genuine buyers on gameflip.

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Sadly just become someone has alot of good feedback does not mean the seller or buyer will not try scamming people. It’s easy for people to simple get easy feedback to make themself look like they a legit person.
Also not everyone with low to 0 feedback are scammer and not all people with good feedback are legit.

I agree gameflip need to find ways to make things better but it’s hard because people will find new ways to scam or lie.

I think gameflip is doing a good job trying to fix things but it will take time.

I dont believe they should let seller / buyer can pick and choose who can buy and not there items.
Remember we all started with 0 feedback in the past.

I do believe they should change the rating page so you can see a person profile and see there rating On individual things like keep it separated like

Positive Sells
Positive Buys
Negative sells
Negative Buys

Just because someone has alot of good feedback can simple mean they bought alot from ppl. They could have 1000 positive feedback because they bought alot and one day sell a 1000$ gift card for cheap and a normal person would go crazy fast buying it because they see the 1000 feedback not knowing this there first item they selling / trying to scam.

Hello guys!

Thanks for the suggestions!

I’ll separete this topic and I’ll discuss with the team and see what can be done.

If you have any other inputs, just post here.


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Conversely, if someone who has zero feedback (ex: new to Gameflip) does not necessarily mean he/she is a scammer. If all sellers require (high) positive feedback, no new users can buy.

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Nice idea there (separation thing). I would also like to see number of unique buyers/sellers in user’s profile page. There are a lot of scammers with 100+ ratings that comes from just one or two persons.

I’m not the best picture maker lol

I just think it would be smart to separate the feedback in individual categories. This will make it easy to see the person buying items or selling item feedback to make ppl more comfortable.
I would love to see the feedback of a seller if I’m trying to buy there items but if I’m buying there items I dont want to see there feedback for items they bought because they may never sold a item before but got so much positive feedback because they bought alot from other ppl.

I think this will help ppl decide to trust someone or not.
At the end of the day there always a risk but take all their caution you could take to protect yourself :two_hearts:

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that is why, if sellers were to use this option, we should pay higher commission fee/make it available only to pro/ultra club.

Thanks @DunnBiscuit !

I guess its like with any nightclub scene , the more bottles you pop the better chance of being treated well by the management.
I doubt there would be any pro/ultra club group or such , but repeat customers would be given priority or advanced viewing?

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good idea @newbzie21