Sellers need option to set buyer limitations to avoid scammer!

Users are making new accounts and open a dispute after claiming working codes to get their money back.

To prevent this I suggest we add buyer restrictions!

Give us as sellers options to set buyer restrictions such as “Buyer must have 10 Feedback Score or higher”, “Buyer must be ID verified”, “Buyer must have less than 0.001% bad feedback to good feedback”, etc.

As a seller who uses instant delivery I want better protection else I will stop using instant delivery and will cancel orders of any new buyer on the app.


I agree you with you, a lot was trying to scam me as well.

If you have legit sales and your codes are valid. You don’t need to worry about it. Submit a ticket to support, and wait for response.

Tell us then how to handle the problem when a new customer redeems the code and then telling you its already redeemed? How to prove that he is the one who redeemed it?

if you are selling XBox, Xbox support will help, ps codes, playstation support will help etc etc, get a date of activation, a valid purchase where you got the code, confirm it’s as described and block that user from future problems. I had many disputes from 0 feedback users and I dont see a problem with it. There are many of them who didn’t scam. I haven’t lost any dispute yet…

I agree to some extent, but it’s a solution that creates more problems.
For example, the amount of new users on the site will decline rapidly, due to the fact that a new user will be massively restricted to who they can buy from.
Also, getting 10 feedback takes a lot longer than you might think for the casual user, considering that half of the people on here don’t even bother to leave feedback.

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I tried that before with the Xbox and Walmart support and asked them to give me the activation date/time for some keys and both told sorry we don’t have the redemption information. I haven’t lost any disputes either but sometimes the only solution is take the loss and block that scammer.

I can help with Xbox PM if you want.

Walmart a call would fix your problems

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I don’t have any disputes open now but if you can tell me how to get the redemption date from Xbox live chat that would be great.

Also for Walmart, A call won’t be a prove for gameflip support unless they did that call

Check Private Messages

10 feedback was just an example, would prefer we got the option to set any amount we preferred.