ANOTHER SCAMMER (AllMightyCoop) trying to dispute a code.

2 in 2 days now, never had to deal with this before. Hoping mods can assist me in suspending this user for attempted scamming.


My Invite Code: KKR9BS

He’s claiming the code was already redeemed, had 5 people try this on me, they all failed because I have my ways of checking the validity of a code. Anyway, the code was redeemed at the time of purchase and I will be adding a screenshot in a little bit but his low feedback and poor feedback score already suggests his scam attempt, most scammers have a few good feedbacks and then try to scam to make it look like they were genuinely scammed. I am not a newbie to this game, 200+ sales in under 3 months on GameFlip alone, I’ve dealt with $100k+ offsite in sales too.

Thank you staff, please take care of this user.

@Staff - managed to check the code validity, please check the dispute log on the trade with this user and please suspend him as that is the appropriate action to be made in my eyes, scammers don’t deserve to deal on GameFlip when genuine people like I, are trying to make income.


If you haven’t done so already, please open a ticket to the support team and send all the proof you have in the ticket.

If the support doesn’t answer you within 4 days, please PM me.

Thank you.

He just said: “I’ll clear the dispute If you help me get a scammer banned”

Surely he deserves a suspension and my funds to be cleared with that dumb statement, it’s unfair for me to wait 7 days for a response from Gameflip support, they take ages especially over a weekend.


" AllMightyCoop

Either help or wait 5 days"

He just said that too, clearly I’m not at fault if he’s confirming to clear funds if I help him ban another scammer, that’s not my problem though. Please suspend this user, he’s a scammer.


I saw you close my thread with no reply. I am trying to get my $22 back still dude. send me a pm :confused: Invite code: GKYWXK