Buyer try to scam me

Few days ago i sell a $50 PSN code, some guy bought it (username: Yusuf aly), after 1 hour without telling nothing, he dispute the transaction, i asked why and he said the code is invalid. I asked Sony about the code and they told me that the code was redeemed that day at 15:11:09 PST. The funny thing is that he bought the code at 15:10 PST. I am a legit seller have +250 positive reviews and i always check the codes and i never try to do something wrong, and he only has 1 positive.

Sony Screenshoot:
Invite code: 7122XF
My profile:
His profile: /profile/us-east-1:55ac1217-8e55-40bf-8db1-2b4ef81c5cfe
Trasaction ID: a68861e4-16a4-4611-afc9-25e574267961
I already sent a ticket to support : #176098

Someone can give some advice, or if a moderator see this please help me, I don’t want to be scammed

Btw sorry for my bad english.

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You did a great job and provided all the necessary evidence to nail this scammer. If you haven’t already done so, send support all of this as well. This person will be suspended and you will receive your rightful payment.

Your English is GREAT! Keep up the good work! I love seeing smart sellers!

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Yeah i think so, i hope gameflip resolve this into my favor. I sent it already. Thanks man

From the near 3,000 transactions I’ve had on here, I had a case similar to this with a Nintendo game code I sold. The buyer claim it didn’t work, but I talked to Nintendo customer service chat online and had them verify the code was active. I took a screenshot of the convo and sent it to support. The case was decided in my favor. Keep me posted on how it goes.

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Today the hold was cleared on my favor, i hope they ban that guy. Thanks for the help man, it’s good to know that there is nice people around here.

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No problem! Thanks for letting me know! I am so glad everything worked out and you got justice. That buyer is more than likely suspended. Gameflip is not lenient on scammers. Just in case, make sure you go to the scammer’s profile and block them from your store. It would have also been helpful if you provided a link/screenshot of their profile so the community knows who to look out for.