Ban this scammer.

Hello , my code is : HMTHWX
Today i actually got scammed by a user named “ICY​:snowflake:[:white_check_mark:]” . He bought $25 itune from me and keep saying the code is bad when he redeemed it. Actually i sent to him 6 codes and he only confirm only 1 worked . He open new offer and want to scam again and after realized this type of scammer , i have to cancelled the trade and he admits that he scammed me with previous trade .
This is order id he scam me : 540cc53e-c100-4c47-89f7-221528a97a7b

This is order id he admit that he scammed me :4aa93f83-4566-4594-99ed-5cc7b2e2a7f6

And now for some reason his account is no longer available
Profile link :

Submit a ticket

Please add you invite code next to your order #. @DunnBiscuit will look into this or you can send a ticket with all the evidence.

The buyer confessed all the codes worked so that will help your case.

Lucy :heart:


Dude why would you send him new codes when he bought only 25$??? He did that on purpose…

Seeing the scammer buyer saying "“it’s okay all the codes you sent me worked anyways thx for 200.02 $” made my blood boil!!!
I hope this scammer gets what he deserves and that you receive your money back, u/GiftCardWorld.
Let me just give you a small piece of advice u/GiftCardWorld: don’t trust people that much. If somehow your code might have been exposed then it’s fine giving a second code that you know that was secure BUT never go further than that, because chances are that the buyer will just be another scammer trying to take advantage of you.
Unfortunately there are scum scammers anywhere that you go, so you should never trust people so blindly.

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Thanks for your pro tips !!!

This is new account of this scammer , he already opened a new transaction with me and hope to scam !!! His money is currently on hold now and i wont cancel the transaction. He is too stupid when he use the gmail same as old gmail. This is screenshot :

This is his old itune account when he scammed me :

And the new conversation showed his new gmail look like his old gmail also the new account name with :white_check_mark: make me realize this scammer :

This is order id : 9ecc90fc-18e3-4ce7-8de4-15116a3a5e9f
This is his new account with 4 negative :

I already send a bad code and marked the transaction cant be cancelled after 1 day . Please look into this and help me out : @CidxLucy @DunnBiscuit , i finally caught this scammer :slight_smile:

They wont refund you the 200$ you got scammed. Only 25 for the transaction

Yes sure , i know that. I just hope Gameflip ban this user , he should not exist in the world , especially Gameflip.

I did it ! Rip this scammer !

He ripped u with 200$ tho. Im just wondering where your profit is? 25 itunes for 16 ? How do you even profit?

I earned very small benefit for every deal

This was already taken care of. Thank you.

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