Report Scammer !

Hello ,
My invite code is : HMTHWX
This is the guy who scammed me :
Transaction ID : a62351d9-cf27-436f-bf0b-b8fbc05d1c12

This guy bought $50 Google Play from me , after that i mistakenly sent to him $25 x 4 = $100
He immediately took advantage on my mistake and used all of them then complete the transaction without saying anything .

I’m not sure that i will get refund for this but all i want now is ban this scammer - who always want to take advantage on people’s mistake .

@DunnBiscuit please kindly look into this case and help me to ban him ! Thanks so much

Well, tbh you got “scammed” by your faul. You just sent him codes. He did nothing wrong, i mean it not nice by him to activate these but he didnt exploit anything, You just sent him codes. Just accept your faul and move on. Mistakes happens.

Yeah , took advantage on people’s mistake is not wrong :joy:

Sorry for your lost but i think you have pay for your mistake :wink:

Sorry but I think this one is on you, mate. Especilaly if you take in consideration you told the guy “pls confirm when you done with all code”, meaning he should confirm the sale after he used the codes.
And you said that right after sending the 4 codes.