Check Story Created By Buyer Scammer!!!

Today i sold PSN card through seller send in 1 day. After buyer bought it,he asked me for code, i sent a code which i bought from and only i have access to this code. Then buyer said code didn’t work, Even it is 100% Working Code reason i bought direct from amazon( Playstation original vendor) and all codes which i bought it together with this code worked 100%. Now see what story created by him.
After i posted all proof that this code belongs to me and i also shown order email and order library in amazon.
He said i was not at home and i checked this code it didn’t work.
He said when i will go home i will send you screenshot of PS that it didn’t work,( So brother are you taking PS in your car all time you travel?)
What i concluded from this chat with scammer, basically he redeem code at his friend’s PS account now hes going back to home and show me screenshot of already redeem code error.
So all i say please don’t do these cheap type things to get few dollars things, no one have to be here for long. we all have to die only good actions will go through us not bad deeds. So don’t do this type of things again and again.
(I am amazon mturk worker and i paid in gift cards of amazon, So my buying source is legal, So my cards also legal and work even after years i can give you100% guarantee)

Order ID: 228e2df2-6782-43fb-82da-4b8dc99ec658
Ticket ID: 123303

Now he accepted and doing sorry.

Hi Bunny,

We are sorry to hear about your problems. Despite the fact that our forum is free for everyone and open to all subjects, I’d recommend you waiting further to post your issues here.

The right place to address issues is the support. Forum posts are good for awareness, but purchase and sale issues are exclusively addressed via tickets.

I hope you understand.

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