Auto delivery and then sent me a code that doesn’t work! Please help.

Hi , I bought $100 PSN card and the buyer is saying its auto delivery, but when I bought the code I found this!! He also sent me a code that didn’t work after I messaged him then asked me repeatedly to complete the order! I told him I’m not completing the order. It’s now under dispute review but I think he’s scamming people, please look into this. I want my money back.

@DarkKnight @MajorTom

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dont complete the order, you have the solution. if you did not receive the code then you should not complete the order, open a ticket and write to support about this situation

No I didn’t complete the order , the seller sent a code that wasn’t valid and kept asking me repeatedly to complete the order! It’s now under dispute review. And I’m now writing to the support team here , let’s see hopefully they can help.

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Dont complete.

Open escalte not dispute

I did. It’s now under dispute review by Gameflip support I believe.

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easy gl. :heart:

Ahhh another thief these parasites keep finding a way smh. Glad you didn’t fall for it Frank. So many do.

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Hello Super_Frank,

Can you tell me the ticket number?

I didn’t get a ticket ID but if you mean order ID , here it is

Thanks @MajorTom

Make sure you escalate the issue, don’t just open dispute and leave it at that.

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Don’t ever complete the order before you get your code. that you paid for

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@Super_Frank Thanks.

After further checking this, I went ahead and canceled the transaction for you.


Thank you so much! @MajorTom it’s sad to see those scammers in the gaming community. Thank you to everyone who replied to my topic and tried to help and gave advice. Much love.


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