Seller scammed me

Hello, I want to thank gameflip for all the help they have given me during these years solving many of my problems, but in my last 2 cases with gift cards they have completely ignored me because there are many open cases and they have a hard time answering all of them, Thanks to an honest seller, I got my money back, he was willing to help me, but in my last case the seller replied with the intention of helping, but I have been waiting for weeks for his answer, from gameflip after 4 days they only asked if I had already solved the problem. that has not happened. The seller TopGifts1 sold me 2 $50 PSN gift cards at the time, I checked one that I had the balance but I decided to save it for my nephew’s birthday the other was for me but at the time I couldn’t redeem it for work and study I was very busy, I waited for the weekend and it turns out that I no longer had a balance, they were exchanged for another person and 3 days had passed, I could no longer claim, today I keep writing to gameflip and without a response, I contacted PSN and they told me that the owner of the cards I claimed with the receipts, I asked the seller to claim but he did not answer me, I was left without help from both of them and it was an oversight that the 3 days passed but this had never happened to me with PSN cards, I always kept them and could exchange them later, They must be able to do something with this type of system for dishonest sellers, I need help, thanks.
code: RQGEVW
request (743859)
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Hello @Javier_Tejada,

I can see that your ticket is being handled by the Support Team.

In this specific case, you will need to verify with them since they are already handling your case.

Just keep in mind that we provide users 3 days to test the item/code and inform us if there is any issue with the order through a dispute escalation. At the same time the dispute is created, the amount is held until we can understand what happened.

So next time, I suggest you to redeem the code in the given amount of time so you do not have this type of issue again.

Godspeed! :trident: