Suggestions to improve Gameflip

After using the site for a while i have a few suggestions for the tech team, these will help everyone and i’m sure most will agree with me.

A. (this one is for sellers, especially high volume sellers). Vault search. Ok so we post a lot of let’s say gift card codes for sale, For example we want to re-edit the listing for a $50 Xbox gift card, we have the gift card code on file on our device but we posted 80 different $50 gift cards for sale, we would have to go through those and open each vault manually to find the code - it makes no sense. A vault search option should be enabled - we put in the code in the search field and it shows us the listing we want to edit - makes the seller’s life a lot easier.

B. Messaging. In my shop profile under “Notifications” i have a “Messaging” option. It’s useless. Since day 1 i started selling all potential buyers were communicating with me by posting comments to my listings. How does a buyer or potential buyer gets to chat with the seller? The right way?

C. Greatly decreased disputes escalation and solving time. These need to be dealt with faster, from both buyers or sellers point-of-view. No one likes being ripped-off then wait forever to solve his problem, it adds a problem to a problem.

D. AFTER a sale is completed the gift card code on that transaction screen is gone for sellers. This is a no-no, it should be available to be found at any time, later. even weeks after the deal was concluded.
Best of luck on Gameflip to everyone!


Thanks for all the great suggestions here. I’ll talk to the team so we can discuss what can be done.

Regarding the point ‘C’, I’ll talk to the support team so we can try to clear those faster whenever possible, the time here may vary depending on how much information we have (both parties send as proof) and so on. I will discuss with the team what we can do to continue improving the dispute system and our overrall response time.


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A. (this one is for sellers, especially high volume sellers). Vault search.

I think the reason is that when the code is encrypted and stored in vault, it should not be stored and searchable outside of the vault. Otherwise, it’s meaningless.

One solution could be storing a small snippet of the code outside for search/visibility (like last 4 digit of credit card). The alternative is for seller to track and associate the listing ID with the codes they have. This may seem laborious, but it would be simple if you use the Gameflip API for creating and managing listings.

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Thanks for taking the time to look into this @DunnBiscuit:star_struck::sunglasses:

Good idea with only part of the card @TheFuBar actually i think it’s the best version.