Suggestion: Allow sellers to view past transactions


At some time GF made an update to the site that prevented sellers from being able to view codes and messages once a transaction has been completed by the buyer. Since then it has become much more difficult to track codes especially if you have multiple codes for the same game/movie/balance. After verifying I enter the code into an excel sheet with some basic info. I used to then mark in my excel sheet when a code was listed and then after a completed sale would rate and mark the code as sold. Now if they purchase and complete the transaction I can no longer see which code has been provided forcing me to spend more time comparing excel with the other listings to see which are still on the site. I think it would be much easier for sellers with large inventories to manage them if they were allowed to view past transactions. If a seller wants to reuse a code for a malicious purpose it’s easy to store it elsewhere, but it makes keeping track of many codes of the same type much more difficult.

Alternatively if someone has a better suggestion for tracking large amounts of similar codes that I’m missing out on I’d love to hear it. Thanks for your time.


Hello @000,

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

Keep an eye out on future updates, as this will be a feature on next releases :wink:

God Speed! :trident: