[Suggestion] Complete Transaction Before Making More Purchases

Howdy. I’ve been selling movie codes here for over a year now and have one suggestion. It’s an inconvenience when a buyer does not complete a transaction, but it’s just down right infuriating when they purchase multiple things at once and don’t complete any transaction. I suggest that there should be a cap on purchases a buyer can make from the sale seller until that buyer completes a transaction.
For movies, I expect the buyer is someone who is buying a code for their own personal collection. When they purchase a code from me I expect them to have redeemed the code before they go and buy from me again. If they had time to do this and buy something else from me they should have time to complete the 1st transaction.
I’ve now had it happen to me multiple times where a buyer purchases 3-5 codes from me but won’t complete the transaction. I only sell on Gameflip to have funds available to purchase things on Gameflip, so it’s very frustrating having that money not available when something I want to buy shows up.
Negative feedback to buyers for this doesn’t do anything and blocking them risks getting negative feedback yourself, which is how I ended up with my first negative rating in 500 sales.

There’s also this glitch that keeps happening where after 72 hours it’s not auto processing the case and giving me the funds. I have to manually go and look at my completed sales for the transaction to complete and the funds to go to my wallet. This isn’t an issue if buyers complete transactions.


No, I am absolutely against it because the buyer has the right to examine the item for 3 days before he releases the transaction and revocably

I frequently buy movies on here, and i generally prefer to buy from as few sellers as possible. Typically, I’ll browse through a seller’s inventory, try to find a many movies that I want to buy as possible, then comment and/or message them asking if they’d be willing to bundle all those movies together & sell it all to me as one listing for $xx. More often than not, I don’t get any reply, and I’ve sometimes waited 2-3 days for one before accepting the fact that they’re not going to bother replying to me. At this point, I simply go through & buy all the listings from that seller that I’d wanted to (provided I’m willing to pay the price they’re asking), unless someone else has already purchased it/them. I understand where you’re coming from, but it’s not an overly practical/convenient request to place such a restriction on buyers.
Occasionally after I’ve bought a few things, something comes up which I have to address immediately & I’m unable to check/redeem the codes until the next day, and sometimes I forget that i haven’t done so for a day, but I always do my best to complete all transactions after I’ve had a chance to check/use the code. The only time I really hold off on doing so is when I’ve bought something from a seller with very low sale numbers (<10-20 lifetime) or one with numerous negative feedback ratings (>10-20% of their total sales). I’ll hold off for a day or so after checking/using the code in those situations to wait & see if the code gets reversed because they claimed it was stolen or something. Even then though, I almost always still complete the transaction before the 3 days is up.