New Buyer Verification System

Hello everyone, just had a thought regarding new buyers to Gameflip. With the way things are now, new comers are given the option to join the site and attempt to make a first purchase without being verified. Here’s why that shouldn’t be:

• Example: new buyer buys an automatic delivery code but because of not being verified their purchase is “under review” for up to 3 days while waiting for a verification. This in turn holds up the code they attempted to purchase when it could’ve been purchased by another verified buyer in that 3 days time frame. Not to mention, a lot of times the buyers verification gets denied which puts your item back available for sale but depending what the item is and the current market price, you may be forced to sell that same item for 3X’s less than what is was worth at the time it was held up under review. See what I’m getting at here?

Basically in my opinion, new buyers not being verified shouldn’t hold our listings hostage until they get verified by Gameflip. Especially not for digital code items! Anyone agree or am I over reaching with this one? Just a general topic and maybe something Gameflip would consider looking into for better seller experience :slight_smile: