Love the new update and requirements


I’m a new seller and I’m verified but the buyers are not verified, I have had disputes from only new members and some of the cancel if it takes long and maybe from the things I say.
Well my point is, how are the verified sellers protected by Game flip? If we get disputed is Gameflip sure to look into the case? I say this because from the things I’ve seen on here a lot of buyers will be ripped or already been, I just want to be sure I won’t lose my money…


If a buyer open a dispute Gameflip will look at both Seller and Buyer evidence. Its good to protect yourself with good evidence with each sell or buy.

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Thanks for that Lucy but in my case, I provided the evidence to support, I mean, the buyer had no rate, not even 1, I had to create a ticket today and I’ll chill and
hopefully the support responds and help. I love the platform and the advance user interface but I think they need quick response to dispute, mine has been 5days with no words from surport and the buyer, I bet he hasn’t been online since then, I pray I don’t lose my money because I both the cards as well.


Just make sure to send anything that show Gameflip you code was good. Everytime I had a issuse Gameflip fixed it because I send a lot of evidences. Remember small evidence can be good too. A dispute can take sometimes being Gameflip wants to make sure everything good before they pick who won the dispute.

Being a seller just make sure you always have alot of evidence being some buyer can try to scam you. Its your job to make sure to protect yourself.

There a lot of things that can make a dispute easy to win but there a lot of small things that can make you lose a dispute too.

Gameflip can be very good at fixing dispute but sometimes they do fail but more evidence is always good.

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Okay, I’ll wait for their response, like I said, I already submitted my evidence, I just hope they answer me soon, I intend to do a legit business on here, it’s just a shame that the scammers wouldn’t get a job. thanks a lot for your contribution Lucy, I really appreciate you for your time.


we want you as our moderator… You are most of the time helping others (hope I do not get suspension from moderators)


I agree for real, you should be employed @CidxLucy


yes. I can say the moderators are kind with most of the people and are great but the support is lazy and yes Hope they can solve the scam in the best way possible. hope they realise soon


@DunnBiscuit & @TheFuBar @Tali do a very good job helping people on the forums already. I agree they do get over run with a lot of issues but normal handle them very good.

They do have a staff who can help people with there issues by Submit a request.

Remeber buyer can help them out too simply but understanding how to spot a scammer.
:black_small_square:︎ If the deal seen to good to be true most likely its a scam, its better to not buy it.
:black_small_square:︎ To double check description of the items before buying
:black_small_square:︎ Verify your account, cards.
:black_small_square:Plus more

Remember seller can help them out too by simply protecting themself before selling / putting up for sell.
:black_small_square:︎ Make sure your code all work / from a good source
:black_small_square:︎ To have good evidence for each item before putting it up and keeping the evidence for little bit after the sell just in case
:black_small_square:︎Having a verify account too.
:black_small_square:Plus more

There many things Seller / Buyer can do to help themself, help Gameflip too.

There also a few people on the forums who don’t work for Gameflip but still love to help people with there issuses to the best power can they.

Gameflip is a site that its better to be safe and think before you sell or buy things but Gameflip is a good site imo.

Remember people need to not get so angry so fast. It will help you more then people think.

Lucy :heart: