Just saying Hi, and sharing my experiences so far


Hi, I’m new to the Gameflip forum. I’ve sold a few times on the app, and have mostly had a very pleasant experience with people. :smiley:

Unfortunately, I’m currently being trolled by a buyer who has opened a fraudulent dispute, and has outright admitted their wrongdoing. But, I’ve contacted support, and am hoping everything will be resolved soon.

I had to contact support previously to update my phone number, and they helped me right out with that! :slight_smile:

But, for this latest issue, so far I’ve just gotten a copy/paste response that made it seem like my issue wasn’t clearly understood. I’m really just hoping that my reiteration of the issue is understood this time. I really like this platform, and want to continue to have good experiences with people.
A big thanks to all of the honest buyers out there! Wish me luck please!

***Update: Gameflip support came through and saved me! Thanks guys :slight_smile:


Post the order ID or your invite code so the moderator can look up your issue.


Hi galacticarm, thanks for the advice!

The order ID is 2e58c844-cfd5-4c84-8e1b-0dde759ada1d

if a mod has the time to look into this I’d really appreciate it :slight_smile:


Welcome! Its great that you’re enjoying your Gameflip experience so far. As a seller I can relate to certain buyers being … Trollish haha, but I guess thats just a part of the territory. As long as you’re in the right and you did everything you could im sure the dispute will be thrown out in your favor. I wish you the best of luck to all your future sales!


HI Vanilla, good to hear I’m not the only one lol. Thanks!