So i’ve been using gameflip i sold a item and the buyer bought it and then issued a Dispute! All the codes worked and everything he just wanted to resell my codes to other ppl so gameflip went ahead and cancel transaction when i was the main one contacting him and everything he knew he was wrong and gameflip still took his side and now he ran off with my codes this is BAD SUPPORT IVE EVER DEALT WITH than gameflip got the nerve to really close/suspend my accoumt for no reason with my balance in it ive been CONTACTING STRAIGHT FOR 2 MONTHS AND RECEIVED NO RESPOSE OMLY RECEIVED THIS EMAIL I ALWAYS GET “IF YOU NEED HELP WITH THIS ISSUE PLEASE REPLY” LIKE WHAT! YES I DO YOU GUYS ALREADY MADE SOMEBODY RUN OF WITH MY CARDS AND MONEY I KNEW THIS WASNT A GOOD WEB TO EXCHANGE AND SELL ON GAMEFLIO CHOOSE ANY BUYER SIDE WHEN THEY REALLY ISSUEING FALSE DISPUTE I EVEN TOLD GAMEFLIP TOLD GAMEFLIP TO CHECK BALANCES OF EACH CARD I SENT AND EACH WAS CORRECT BALANCE NOTHING WRONG HE JUST WANTED TO SELL THE CARDS THIS IS SO TERRIBLE. IF ANYBODY CAN HELP PLEASE DO

Request # 129882 & 129877

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