Account falsely suspended

I added $200 to my Gameflip account, and then the next day I get an email saying my account was suspended because of filing a chargeback, which I never did. So now I can’t even use the $200 that I added to my account, and I feel that the money was basically stolen from me. I would really like you to take a look at this and get it fixed. There was also no clear explanation to the suspension or how long I’m suspended for. I better be able to get back on and use that money. I am not happy with Gameflip whatsoever
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If a moderator could please help me out as soon as possible that would be greatly appreciated!

Submit a ticket here

I already did they won’t get back to me

Regular response time is from 2-4 workin days

Lol that’s not quick enough

You disputed a charge with your payment processor (started a charge back process).

Unfortunately, due to that, the suspension is permanent and I’m unable to provide further help.

If you want more details on the charge back you need to wait for the support team answer.

I’m sorry.