Account was suspended initiated from a fraudulent transaction from seller.

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You made dispute on paypal, that why your account has been suspended.

Yea you can submit PayPal charge back you have to let gameflip do that

You need to work with the seller, gameflip to resolve the problems. Doing a charged back will get your account auto banned.

You need to wait for Gameflip to reply. Remember there are other people who have issues that Gameflip needs to fix too. You should of not ran to PayPal with the issue so fast.

Email will take sometime to get a reply. You could of come to the forums asking for help and never did a charged back with PayPal. You should of try doing more to resolve the issue with Gameflip.

I find it odd you wouldn’t come to the forums asking for help with your gift card issue but you came to the forums after you was banned.

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You should made dispute on gameflip, not on paypal.

You made on paypal and your account has been suspended for this. When you buy stuff on gameflip, you sent your money to gameflip account, not to the seller. If you do dispute on paypal, you are doing it againts gameflip and gameflip has to pay extra money cuz of that, that why suspended account you have.

You are still remove dispute on paypal, do it and your accounts should be unlocked, if you can’t remove dispute, your account will stay suspended.

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I agree if you having issues with a seller you go to the company to get the issue fix not your bank or PayPal.

Most company don’t like people doing charged back without trying to work the company first.
Most company can normal fix issuses if you go to them but going to the bank or PayPal is normal the worst move.

When using a new app or site or whatever please read the FAQ to understand how these companies works or risk getting banned.

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Regardless if you didn’t know or not the fact you didn’t read the rules nor come to the forums asking for help nor giving Gameflip time to reply to your email on top of it being charged back to PayPal being you already got your money back for it. I think the banned will stand.

In the end its up to @DunnBiscuit but I still think the banned will stand.

Being you told PayPal you didn’t get the item you basicly told them to do a charge back.

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You already told us you told PayPal you didn’t receive the item. You give PayPal permission to do a charged back.

You open a dispute on Saturday meaning they wouldn’t look at it into Monday but you have to remember they may get alot of email over the weekend so it would take sometime before they would reply to you. You should of waited longer before telling PayPal you want to do a charge back. Regardless anytime you do a charged back is bad with companys.

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Thanks for the responses and feedback guys greatly appreciated for clarity. Personally I did not know about Gameflip weekend staffing issues/5 day work week. All this stemmed from a fraudulent seller (root-cause) that I wished I never purchased from. Hopefully it can be resolved if not I pleaded my case and lesson learned.

I’m afraid that due to the chargeback you requested, the suspension on your account will remain and it is permanent.

There is nothing else to say here since th other helpful users here already said all.


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I know this is a hail marry but I contacted PayPal about the review/dispute/chargeback (tel:+1-888-221-1161) there telling me that no dispute wasn’t initiated just a review because I requested to close the review because I had resolved the issue with seller that’s why the funds wasn’t held up and cleared. I let them know as a result of the review my account (Gameflip was suspended). Ultimately they would like a opportunity to clear up the mishap if Gameflip would contact them and they can and will acknowledge the review/dispute/chargeback was closed because I contacted them and requested it the same day it was initiated March 9th.

You mean your account has been banned because you claimed refund from Gameflip (return

March 9th PayPal alerted me on a questionable transaction they reviewed it I requested it cleared the same day and funds was released but now Gameflip has notified me my account was suspended because of a chargeback. I contacted PayPal about the issue they told me they released the funds as I requested and there wasn’t a chargeback I let them know what happened to my Gameflip account they want to clear the matter with them I listed the number above.

No they was banned for doing a chargeback with PayPal.
Doing a chargeback is not the same as a refund with Gameflip.
Please stop going into other people post if you’re not giving helpful information. I already warned you from doing that / making multiple threads on the same topic about your issues too.

@Lonnie_Deshazor A moderator aka @DunnBiscuit will have to look into it. I’m not sure if they drop banned if people reverse the chargeback.

If refund was cancelled and gameflip got all money back, there is a chance for you to get unbanned i believe but some moderators has to look at it.

Can you send me your invite code so I can check it further?