Account Suspended and no one in support will help me or give me details!

My account was suspended 2 weeks ago for filing a chargeback on a transaction…but I never filed a chargeback for anything!! I have reached out to the support team over and over and I get the same reply with absolutely no details or proof that I did anything wrong! Can someone please help me straighten this problem out because I had nothing to do with any chargeback!! My invite code is RSDTV8

As I checked your account was suspended due to you charging back within PayPal a purchase you made.

If you feel it is wrong somehow, please contact our support team at,


I have reached out to Gameflip support on multiple occasions and for weeks now. I have asked for details on what transaction it was specifically but I have not gotten anywhere with them. I did not nor would I ever file a chargeback. I want to resolve this issue and prove to them that I did not do what they say I did but Gameflip seems unwilling to even listen that is why I am on this forum with nowhere else to go to seek help! If I did something wrong I would just drop the whole thing and give up but I did nothing wrong! If they won’t respond to me what is my only recourse at this point? Please help!! Thank you

Hello @AndyV,

Please send me the ticket number via PM so I can check it for you?