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Recently, I had opened up an account on Gameflip and attempted to buy a PSN giftcard for $75 (seller was Riot Giftcards if I remeber correctly). However, the code that I received had been redeemed. I filed a dispute because of this and didn’t want to be charged for this whatsoever, so I had tried calling paypal and putting a stop to the payment through their automated system as well. I then tried checking up on the status of my dispute but was unable to do so because my account had been Suspended and an e-mail had been sent to me explaining it was for a “fraudulent claim or chargeback”. I tried doing as the Gameflip Help Center suggests and opening up a ticket to dispute the wrongful suspension. I’m unable to even fill out the ticket fully and submit it because I don’t know what my invite code is and have no way of accessing it due to the suspension.

Message one of the mods
@DunnBiscuit or @Tali for further assistance.

Thank you, I went ahead and sent a message.

Hello !

In case the code isn’t working or it’s duplicate all you have to do is open a dispute and contact gameflip support via ticket, sending them proof about code and waiting for further instructions. Filling case on paypal is going to suspended your account immediately.

How to regain access to your account :

  • Create support ticket here for Invite Code field put random numbers/letters in format XXXXXX
  • In case your ticket is not answered in 2 days contact moderators with your ticket number

Unfortunately, there is nothing to be done here, unless you drop the chargeback with PayPal. If you can’t do that, you will have to follow the dispute you opened there and your Gameflip account will remain suspended.

The seller refunded me my purchase for the code and when I called paypal, they said that since the purchase was refunded, there was no longer a case open on my account. What do I have to do now?

You may open a ticket to the support team and send there the proof regarding this charge back drop.

Open a ticket here:

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Again, how am I supposed to file a ticket when I don’t know my invite code and there is no way for me to even check it? Besides, paypal told me they never processed a chargeback, they just processed a refund and dropped the case “In favor of the seller”.

Put random numbers/letters in format XXXXXX that should help


So how long does a dispute take? I was given 2 redeemed codes, and then the seller who has 800 positive ratings, mostly from the same people, attempted to convince me to give him access to my steam account. All of this I got on video and screenshots including where I requested for him to speak in our chat to create a time stamp before I attempted code. I followed every protocol for reporting, all screenshots, video evidence and required pic of trade history were submitted and I escalated dispute. There is no question as to what he did was wrong, attempting to take over my account (That has about 7k worth of games on it) is not acceptable by any standard. Yet after 2 days I haven’t heard anything. He is still selling on Gameflip a ton of items, thousands of dollars worth, putting many peoples money at risk.

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Disputes, depending on the case, might take up to 4 business days to solve. We investigate all the evidence from both parties and we need some time to do so. Also, we may request more evidence in order to finish our investigation and decide the dispute.

If you have such evidences, you may open a ticket and send to the support team, this might help speed up the process.

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