How to get my account suspension removed?

My account has been suspended because I disputed a claim from on my credit card. How to do I get my suspension removed so I can use my Gameflip account again?


You may ask to remove your suspension (it will go through an analysis) if you remove the dispute from your credit card company.

If you don’t do so, the account will remian suspended permanently.

I did cancel the dispute from the credit card company and it went through. I contacted Gameflip and attached the dispute resolution. I hope they do not take as long as they have within the past few issues.

Hello I have also problem with suspended acc? I wrote to customer support 5 days ago, with no answer. How to remove suspension from my account. Thanks

My ticket is 129903 , please help. Thanks :smiley:

Samething they said suspeneded becase i had dif acc which i nvr had and asked buyers to rate b4 purchasing which is a lie they can check all my messages now a days they just come up with any lil thing to close your acc. And they really close a transaction and took money now the other dude got all the codes. Smh

Ok, I belive gameflip, hope they’re going to remove suspension from my acc cause I didn’t nothing wrong. Customer service is very slow i had to admit, but hope tomorrow or day after tomorrow i will have good news to share with you. Paul first open ticket at help in application gameflip, then make comments here in forum i think that will be more productive for you, also i have much more than 20$ that is waithing to me payout when suspension is over. Thanks gameflip, and please hurry with resolving my problem :slight_smile:

I Agree @ivan_kuzmanovic but i already contacted them multiple times i dont know why they doing thos to people now a days like gameflip use to be Soooo perfect no cash pending or nothing now all of a sudden they coming with all this new crap

I hope everything is going to be good. Positive thoughts dude :smiley:
Probably it’s big community now :slight_smile:

All the suspension cases will be discussed within the tickets.

If anyone keeps creating topics regarding the same subject, he/she will probably suspended here as well.

Thank you.

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