Account suspended because of chargeback, but still owed money

I bought 2 gift cards from the same seller. One cost me $119 and the other $149. One was purchased through my discover and the other through paypal. The website i tried using the gift cards on cancelled my orders 5 days after because they said my gift cards were purchased fraudulently. Of course that was after the 3 day rate period. Since the order originally went through, I rated the seller. On april 4th i submitted a ticket about this. I was sent a response asking for more proof on april 5th, which I sent. From then, I never received another response. I even tried messaging them back through the ticket message several times and no response. On April 24th I decided to go ahead and do a chargeback through my discover card. I knew that doing so would put me at risk of getting my money back, but there was no sign of gameflip giving me my money back. May 4th my chargeback was complete. That afternoon, I finally received a response from my original ticket telling me “After looking further into this listing, we have gone ahead and cancelled this for you. We apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused.” So they did not respond until after I won my chargeback. I know have my account suspended. I see that my account has $119 funds on it, but I know that isnt my money. I got my money back through the chargeback. After i received a response I replied right back asking about a refund on the $149 gift card, but never received a response. I know I can file a paypal dispute, but I rather get this settled asap. Invite code is QFU8T2


I just answered your ticket and fixed the status of the transaction.

Thank you.

I saw the funds added but my account is still suspended so i have no access to them


Unfortunately the suspension can’t be lifted due to the reason it was suspended.

Sadly I can’t help you further.

So what was the point of going through all that to finally get the order cancelled if I couldnt access the funds. This has been a big headache for the past month and a half. I guess my only option is a paypal dispute.