Account Suspended without reason

I feel I have been wrongly suspended and this is not fair at all. I have submitted identity verification and got approved. Now I submit verification for a MasterCard I own and I get rejected and suspended without any reason. So far I had sold about 14 gift cards on your platform without any problems. I have money I need for my livelihood in there, please reconsider the suspension or allow me to sign in to withdraw the sales I have completed.

Thank You!

Hello @Opanin_Akuffo,

Could you please provide me your invite code, so I could take a further look?

God Speed! :trident:

I don’t know my invite code. My account was unsuspended for 24 hours to allow me to withdraw my $623. I linked my payoneer and initiated the withdrawal. It got stuck on needs approval for over 12 hours, it then got canceled and my account banned again since by then the 24 hours was up. I messaged support got a response back saying "After reviewing your account again and as a result of the original offense of charging back after receiving a purchase from an alternate account we are unable to accept this payout request. " . I wonder when i charged back a purchase with my payoneer account lmaooooo! Who in their right mind who would charge back a purchase a purchase on an alternate account, then create a new gameflip account, send gameflip their id and id to face. as well as a picture of the payoneer card to face as well. Gameflip man, gameflip so disappointed!!!

To find your profile code, go to the top right side of the gameflip page and press your avatar. Press your display name (which is at the top of the drop down menu) and it will bring you to your profile display. Underneath your avatar on this page should display your code (should display "Your Code: ") If you are not able to see this page due to restrictions or whatever, go into your browsing history and find a time that you looked at this page in the past and maybe that profile link could help a bit in you paste it here. Hope this helps.

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My account is banned so cant find my profile code.

After looking into this we see that the account was suspended due to charging back a purchase from an alternate account. We’ve taken an in-depth investigation into this and found further proof of this fact that links the current account to the previous account which performed the charge back. This may include IP addresses and device installation ID’s.

I still dont believe or know anything about this, what happens to my money then? My guess is as good as yours right? Meaning its gone for good right?

Anyone else within the household who uses gameflip as well? Could be tied to that.

I want to know what happens with my money, if i am going to get it or gameflip is going to keep it. Because for all the codes i sold all the buyers rated positively and completed the transaction, so in my opinion it wont be fair for gameflip to keep my money! It is over 15 days now my money has been locked in gameflip and i dont have acces to it!!!

if you did chargeback from other profile its scam, now they not will let you withdraw money forget it

I know nothing about this other profile. And I also want they themselves to tell me to forget about my money and i would.