suspension need advice

hi guys my account was suspended for my own stupidity i used tags in my listing tbh i never knew they were not aloud until the ban as i seen other sellers doing it. so they stated my ban was until the 11/23 its now getting close to the 25th and my account is still down. i need some advice as i have a purchase thats now 3 days over the date for me to collect. also they stopped a withdraw from my wallet and said paypal rejected the payment they did not. then they said i was not verified again they was wrong and they now said they stopped the payment. but i withdrew before the suspension can they even do that? any help would be great just want to get back selling

Could you inform your profile code so I can check?

wow that was quick sure its 5FSNEX thank you for the quick reply and sorry i know its the weekend i know you would rather be chilling.

just had a txt message saying its no longer suspended thank you fo rtaking the time to help :slight_smile:

Your suspension was removed, you can now check your purchase.
You’ll need to withdraw again, since the first one didn’t go through cause you were suspended.
(And don’t worry I work on saturdays)

you are a legend thank you and enjoy the rest of your weekend