Account suspended, please help!!!

Hi, my account has been suspended today and that was my mistake, so sorry for that
but I still hold a lot of money in wallet, and I don’t want to lost it, that all I have left. Can you please unsuspend for my account or help me withdraw it to my paypal? Please help me, thanks a lot!
Here is my invite code: AYT3FJ

I see that you already opened a ticket, so I’ll forward this ticket to my superior since your case is a bit specific.

thank you so much @Tali, I was suspended because I buying between alternate account. Because my paypal has been limited yesterday so I can’t withdraw it directly, I just want to transfer money to another account to withdraw but your rules don’t allow it, so it was my mistake. I hope I can get my money back soon.

Tali can i have help withdrawing my funds from a suspended account also

Every case is a different case depending on why the person was suspended, what is your profile code?

I have some posts on my profile

hello @Tali, how about my case? I already sent ticket for 3 days and haven’t got any reply yet.

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