Account suspended for the second time no reason

Hi so I was a seller on Gamflip but wihtout any knowledge I was selling accounts wich is forbidden I got a suspension on my account wich haved at total 175$ after a sending a few tickets they told me my account was suspended but it was told it could be evaluate at 12/17 , so I waited one month after they evaluate my suspension I just wanted to withdraw my money because I couldn’t sell and I wouldn’t anymore because its forbidden by the rules of the website , I try once it taked 7 days the support said its for security and its the first time but the problem it was denied and canceled I tought why it would be a problem from paypal, I verified everything on my paypal it was everthing right so I tried again but this time I sended another ticket saying it was canceled at the first time and was taking to long , after 7 days they answered me saying MY ACCOUNT GOT SUSPENDED because for the folowing reasons " Conducting in sales of forbidden items such as accounts, beta codes, random codes, counterfeit items and/or stolen items" , now I want to know where I selled anything of that type after my first suspension I dont even have created any list this is a outrage

Please I would appreciate any help and thank you

I will need your profile code if you have from previous tickets so I can check it.
You can also send me the ticket number.


This one was when they evaluate my suspension : #384826
This is the one saying I got suspended for no reason : #389025


After checking your case (via the information you sent), I’m afraid we can’t provide you further help here.
This case is closed.