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Hi I just found out that gameflip have this kind of forum,it’s nice to be here i can read many important discussions that help me as a seller on gameflip.


Welcome @Ms_Trafalgar_Law to Gameflip forums

If you have any issues or questions dont be afraid to ask.

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Thank you for your warm greetings @CidxLucy I’m really curious on how gameflip protect the seller from disputes especially if you are a legit seller.Right at this moment a have 1 dispute in my gameflip account,i tried to resolve the issue by messaging the buyer but he didn’t reply at all.I check his account its old account without any ratings so i kinda suspect that he want to scam me.


The seller need to show the evidence and the buyer show there evidence but the buyer need to show things like there history, the error. Normally the seller need to show they code was good or history chat with the company of the code saying it was used at whatever time or video of the trade if its a in game item. If you’re a seller and yoi have good evidence you will win.

Being a good seller mean you need to keep alot of things and do alot to show the code or trade item was good.

The busy just need to show little evidence to win (only if the seller show little evidence)

The more evidence you show as a seller the better.

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I agree in that term i already sent my evidence to the support. Hopefully we can resolve it. I’ve been reading many cases here that the seller is at disadvantage in cases like this. I dont want my account to have a bad rating since i have a perfect rating until now :slight_smile:


The only way the seller will lose if they dont give alot of good evidence that show gameflip the code work. There not much evidence a buyer can show. Most of the time seller lose is if they dont have alot of evidence.

Yes the seller can still lose sometimes.

Just protect yourself with always having good evidence each item you list.

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That’s is actually true as for me i sell amazon egift card and unfortunately amazon cannot provide personal information of the person who redeemed the code. I had encountered few disputes in the past but resolved through messages (this buyers put all the codes at the same time resulting of error)but this one dispute me 2 minutes after he got my code then I messaged him as soon as I received the notification but sadly he didn’t reply on my messages .


The buyer may lose because if they don’t send in evidence of there Amazon gift history on there account gameflip may auto side with the seller. That would be the best evidence that buyer could send and if they redeem the code it would be super hard for them to send that history to gameflip because gameflip would know he was scamming.

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Thank you for your response such a great information you have shared to me.Much appreciated it. I will share here if the result of dispute is positive or negative(I wish it all goes well)


Anything we’re here to try to do are best to make everyone happy.

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