Question for Amazon seller

Hi guys ! Is it still seller responsibility if the buyers amazon account got closed because they do something against amazon terms and conditions like buying giftcard here on gameflip then sold or transfer the value of amazon?

i dont know this is new scam activity or what?
last days some buyers try scam me
buying gift card balance another gift cards on amazon and says me problem with my gift card
or doing something againist gift card terms , amazon closing account
we all sellers dont have any responsibility for it.
if code revoke, balance held by amazon sure seller has responsibility.

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@superdealgc bro have you encountered something like that then they dispute their order?how do you manage the problem?

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i always asking screen of orders, after they upload was clear that why they got suspension from amazon.
and also i uploading amazon gift card term,
we dont have any responsibility for buyers illgal activity on amazon.
the most problem buyers cant login account after get suspension cant show, screen or lying
without evidence i dont know gameflip how manage dispute