Did you guys remove the ability to message a buyer or seller after sales completed

I used to send DLC after the buyer marked the item as received. But now it seems like you can’t message the buyer after the sales is completed?

That is correct. This was the initial design of the app, but ultimately was a bug on the Android platform until a recent update.

Are you sending DLC codes as a bonus to the Buyers after the sale of an item, or was this for a DLC code listing and you’d you wait until they rated before you sent the code?

the latter. it was explained to buyer before the transaction is initialized.

If you haven’t done so already, please contact through support and we can see about further assisting you with this.

Ultimately I know that this feature can get in the way, or just the lake of being able to communicate with other users through their profiles (which I’ve been fighting to get implemented for awhile). We have a few big updates coming out soon that was taking all of the engineers time, so I’m hoping we can get this worked on here soon.

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