[Suggestion] Message sellers/buyers without buying anything, and the option to delete comments

So far, I’m really impressed with Gameflip. I’ve completely ditched eBay, as Gameflip is much better and offers far superior customer support. However, I have two suggestions to improve the site. Firstly, users should be able to message each other even if one has not bought something from the other. I’ve noticed that you can only message someone that you’ve bought from or sold to, and I think that allowing people to message sellers or buyers regarding listings before purchase would really cut down on spam/excess comments on listings, and improve communication. Of course, that feature should probably also include a “block communication” function, to mitigate harassment. The second feature I suggest is an option for sellers to delete comments. I see a lot of listings with spam (such as “visit my listing at my store page!”) and very annoying comments. Lots of legitimate sellers have had people comment “scammer” or “fake” on their listings, which is very annoying because they must either leave the comment there, or take the time to remake the listing. I’ve had this happen to me, even though the item I sold was 100% real. I believe that instead of leaving their opinions on the listing where comments are permanent, users should be able to message sellers with their complaints, or if they truly believe something is wrong, open a support ticket. These are just my ideas on what would really improve user communication on the site, thanks for reading!

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Hi Hexano, i agree with you 100% and its been something I myself and a few others have really been pushing gameflip to do.
I use ebay as well and honestly it sucks when they prefer buyers over sellers due to wanting to keep their buyers happy. I love gameflip as well, hence why youll see my name on almost every gameflip forum thread that people need help with or even tips. I am not an employee of gameflip but while they are away for the weekend or not able to get to people in the forum for a few days I am here to help answer questions faster or provide my opinion until a member gets to them to directly answer their questions. Again I love gameflip but yes those are very important things that need to be fixed!
I wish we can message directly that would be a great feature, keeps things private and buyers and sellers can ask all the questions they need on the item before buying for maximum information and wastes less time to order the item find out its not what you want then have to wait to cancel the order or bring gameflip into it. Too long of a process. Thankfully they did allow a feature for sellers to cancel orders when they can as well as buyers to cancel if it was a mistake within 5 or 10 minutes.

The #1 thing we have been fighting for is spam and unnecessary comments by people. That has gotten really annoying. The fact that we don’t have a delete comment feature is really killing us. The only thing we can do as of now is report the comment so gameflip can look through it and delete it. Or submit a ticket. Right now as far as i know its not a priority on the list to get added in right now they have a few other more important items to tend to first, Hopefully this will be soon though as its a NEEDED function.
You have great ideas! keep on using Gameflip. Hope this helps ( until someone from support can chime in and help.)

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The (long-promised) option to remove the unhelpful/troll comments is sorely needed. I’m PM’ing a mod right now to see if they can remove some of the worst offenders from my listings. An option to remove comments would let individual sellers do some moderation and make the site look a little more professional than it does right now. At least eBay gives you the option whether or not you want to post a response to a buyer’s question to be seen publicly or not.

Official seller recommends setting the right to delete these bad reviews. There are always people driving trumpet malicious comments, never buy something, but he says that this is a scam