Suggestion about comments/commenting.

Hello everyone, I just want to kind of give my opinion so I’ll get right to it.

I believe that it’ll be a lot better if you could delete comments, and still reply to the thread even after the item is sold to avoid any confusion and the only person that should be able to lock the thread is the seller. There is a few times where I had an extra item reserved for a person but there was no way I could let them know.

@Ninoish Welcome to Gameflip! Great ideas! Many of us Gameflip veterans have been asking for the ability to delete comments on our own post AND the ability to block a user from our store so that they can’t comment or buy anything from us, but all has been in vain so far. Gameflip is still a developing company with a very small team. There is only so much they can work on and implement, but with each user that ask for these features, we hope it ups the priority to grant us them.

To touch on the ability to comment after a listing is sold, this is probably not going change. Once a listing is sold, it goes through prcoessing and then the buyer and seller can communicate privately. If peoole can comment on sold items, it will cause confusion.