Option to Delete Comments on Listings

Hello. I have been selling on Gameflip for a few weeks now. Everything has gone smoothly with one exception: my inability to delete spam or unproductive comments from my listings.

I have had people comment on a listing in an attempt to scam me out of my item, suggesting that is has been sold and to send it to their email address. Reporting and blocking them does not remove their comments.

I have also had people try to haggle with me to the point of lowballing. This is not a problem in itself (it is an online marketplace after all, can’t hurt to ask), but after refusing to lower my price for a particular item, a person continued to comment what I determined to be lies about the prices in other places (said it was on sale on Steam, it isn’t). I blocked him, but his comments were still on the listing, adding potential confusion or doubt for other buyers looking at the listing. I ended up deleting the listing to remove his comments.

I see variations of this topic going back YEARS, but it appears no action has been taken. I making this just to see if I can get an official comment. Is this EVER going to be implemented? Even if it isn’t, official word would be nice.

Thanks for reading.


I would like to see this too.

Another reason it would be valuable is that anytime someone comments on a listing, they are subscribed to the comments for it and are notified every time a new comment is made.

Well, once a comment is no longer relevant, such as a 4 day old comment asking, “are you online?”, not only do I want to delete the comment, but the system should also unsubscribe the author of the deleted comments so they don’t get notifications when other people comment on the ad.

The OP and this unsub idea are pretty basic stuff. My guess is that it wouldn’t be terribly hard to code in. It just needs to be added to the to-do list.

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Thanks, we will add this to our ideas.

While the users don’t have this option and If you want any comment deleted, please contact us at support@gameflip.com.


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If someone spams your listing, you can block them, and they cannot comment on any of your listings again (unless you unblock them).

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I believe if you don’t respond to the comments for a while, it will automatically unsubscribe you.

As I noted in my original post, the issue (for me at least) is not that I can’t block people. I can and have done so, and understand that this prevents them from commenting or communicating with me further. However, their comments remain on the listing as long as it is still active. This is potentially problematic. I do not want comments that are either old and useless (like mr.casual noted about people asking if you’re online), spam or phishing attempts (as I experienced), or otherwise unproductive or distracting to potential buyers (another experience I noted). We should have direct control over this.

I can’t comment either way if you are unsubscribed from comments if you don’t respond.

Thank you for the response, and for the information! Hopefully this can be implemented.

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Great idea! I have been selling on Gameflip for a year and a half now and in the very beginning, I asked for the ability to block users and delete comments. A few months ago, they blessed us with the option to block users! Hopefully we are blessed with the ability to delete comments on our listings soon as well.


How can I comment to try and purchase something when I am new! It keeps saying that I need a rating first but I already have $100 in my gameflip wallet and need to be able to communicate withthe sellers??

The rating requirement is supposed to curb scams in comments. You can comment after making at least one sale or purchase, assuming the other party will rate you positively as normal. If you really need the ability to comment right now then buy a $0.75 item that you can use so you can get a rating.

Since you’re new, pay attention to the seller’s feedback score and try to avoid ones with <10 reviews. You can click their avatar/name to go to their profile, and click on the “Ratings” tab to see other users’ reviews of that seller.

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would love to see this implemented.

Bump this till the day i die.