Gameflip NEEDS an option to remove comments, and report individual comments on listings!!!!!

I don’t know about everyone else, but I am sick of taking my time to post an item only to have people right negative comments about my price. I also just get harassed about my price 98% of the time I post. This makes it extremely hard to sell an item because someone who may have been interested is now probably discouraged after reading those comments. Also, there is the same people that leave harassing comments on my listing that I report time and time again and they are still around. ( I know you can block them, but that shouldn’t be the only way to get rid of them) There should be a report option on individual comments so gameflip can look into exactly why someone got reported. I just feel like it is inefficient to have to go to someones profile and report them with no evidence to why you’re actually reporting them. I don’t know I am just about done using this toxic website, i would love other opinions! thanks!

Here is a URL to an example if anyone is interested!!!

Hello, you can contact us and send us the link to the listing that has the comments, so we can evaluate what was said and take action if needed against these users.

Also you can report the account directly, so we can investigate the account as well.

Thank you.

Like look at this crap I don’t get how these people are still around on gameflip

This same scammer Has been here forever… How is he still here? I don’t get it… His GT is Transaction Details and he posts this on every new persons listings