Other sellers leaving comments of cheaper deals.

This is a problem I am starting to have now. Any idea what should I do about it?

I tend to delete and relist but that is going to get annoying and tedious.

You can block people from commenting on your own listings. On the website or Android app, go to their profile by clicking their avatar, click on “Block”. If you’re using iOS app then: Go to profile > “…” > “Block”.

If they are advertising their own stuff on your listings then you can report them for “Harassment or cyberbullying”.

I dont think thats a viable reason for reporting. All the buyers appreciate the cheapest deal, if you sell overpriced or more expensive than others, these comments shouldnt surprise you.

These comments are unsolicited, and frankly would you want them on your posts? I’d say yes absolutely a viable reason to report someone. They are spamming your posts advertising their products.

I get that its rude and you as a seller dont want it. But if your prices are too high, you really cant complain though. You can always adapt your prices to beat them yourself and beat them with their own weapons. Instead you try to sell a game thats cheaper elsewhere for a higher price.
Thats why I’d have 0 problems with comments on my listings, and never received any by having the lowest price myself.

My prices aren’t too high. It is just the market had a crash thanks to the duping glitch that was exposed in fortnite. Things will rebound eventually to before that but it will take time for all the duped content to get absorb. Thanks to the nature of fortnite everything is a consumable and has durability. It just needs time.

Meanwhile, I’m just trying new items and products while keeping my listings up at prices I’m comfortable selling them at. If someone has cheaper, then they can go advertise it and put it for sale like everyone else. I don’t need them advertising on my stuff.

On Gameflip, even if your prices are very low, you will still be undercut and as such you can never be the lowest price. It is completely and always unjustified to advertise your sales on someone elses listing and if you do you should absolutely be banned.


Reported the guy. We’ll see if something is done about it. For now I’ll just leave the listing up so they can check it.