Add an "instant relist" button to 'sold items' listings

This would greatly benefit those of us with many duplicate items.

The location I’m referring to is under the “sold” tab, and then for each item, to the right you have the ‘quick view eye’ button and the ‘messages’ button.

I would like to see a 3rd button there, and when you click it, it instantly relists the item sold when you have several of the item in stock.

As it is now, you have to go through a complete manual relisting, and depending on the exact nature of your listing, that can range from merely tedious, to a ‘pain’.

Internally, this function would just copy the listing details into a new listing and then give it a new unique identifier.

It would not open the new listing page. It would function visually just like when you relist expired trades, where it just shows the green checkmark. Quick and easy!

Another nice addition would be to allow the seller to set an item counter, for automatic relisting. For example, let’s say I have 5 of one item. When listing the item, I select “5” in the stock counter, and then when the item is sold, GF automatically relists the item up to four more times.

Additionally, the seller could make this counter visible or invisible to the buyers, by clicking a checkbox on the listing. If it’s visible, then a buyer could buy more than one at the same time, and some buyers do this as they buy for friends.

But some sellers may want their stock to be private, so they could make the stock counter invisible to buyers.

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100% agree.

I concur, do you concur?