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It’s pretty frustrating when you have much “reputations” also known as ratings than to others and yet the first one to pop up in the listing are the one who’s a new seller in gameflip. The worse thing is that someone has a “poor” rating already. I have 100% rating and 1k+ rates but my fellow seller who has 200+ and 2 poor ratings are in the first listing in “Recommended”. Please fix this, I really love to use gameflip in selling my items. Godbless you moderators <3


  1. Fix and sort the listings. Priorities the most highest ratings and no bad reputation.
  2. Copy items feature (in-game items) category. - For us who sell a mass items in gameflip. It is super hard to list 1by1.

Your decision is only considering how to put your interests first. I think the website is very fair.
If you are a new seller and don’t have any ratings, are you willing to implement this method? You are just for your own product ranking to move forward

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Scoring is not a standard. Some buyers will always maliciously rate it, and it does not mean that the seller’s service is not good.

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Hi, I appreciate your response. My main concern is the unfair listings of items. I have much good ratings than the others, I am also confident on how I edited and package my listings. Though only my listings are in bottom side and not in the top eventhough I search the actual name of the listing

Hello @Karl_Alaras,

Thanks for the feedback.

I will verify this with the team and see what can be done.

Also, regarding the “Copy items feature”, we currently give users the option to use an API to list more than one item/code.

Feel free to use the following links to learn more about this feature:

God Speed! :trident:

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