What do you think of Gameflip sorting/listing algorithm?Fair or frustrating?

The game flip algorithm works in a way that the sellers with highest rating is always on top. No problem with that, as a buyer, I would also choose the sellers with best rating. However there is a very frustrating issue.

For a buyer: when I search for an item I wanna purchase, if a seller with a high rating has an item with similiar name, it comes on top, now I have to waste a lot of time scrolling down pages and pages until I get to the item I’m actually looking for. A waste of time meanwhile. It should show the item “iam searching for” . Instead of showing me items with similiar names of higher rating sellers first. Any other buyers with this issue?

For a seller: for a new seller this is frustrating as well as being a new seller, obviously their items land at the very bottom. Even if your items are at a lower price than the rest, if the other has the same item repeated in 40 times, buyers are not going to waste time scrolling till they get to the end. In this modern tech world, people do not wanna spend much time scrolling.

What are you opinions on this? I’m curious. Just want to hear constructive opinions and thoughts. Thank you


The order that items are listed in by default are definitely frustrating. But it makes sense because if sellers with highest reputation are at top, it’s almost a guarantee to make reliable sales. If it could be a combination of cheapest items as well as most reputable, it would be perfect IMO.

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