Why aren't discount products displayed on the first page?

why is it so hard to sell cheap items on gameflip?
buyers not see cheap items?
Why don’t have a discounted products firts page on gameflip?

this seller has sold 3 Tempered AK47 ( 26 minutes ago ) Price $9.30 What the hell is this ???

my items is still waiting to be not sold. 1+ day $8.59

Why is the expensive product has been sold, my item ( discounted $0.71 ) no sold ?


another seller has been sold ‘’ Alien Red $29.10 ‘’ 15 hours ago


I sill waiting not sold +3 days !!! $26.45
Why do buyers pay more $3+ ?

another item ‘’ Alien Red $25.40 ‘’ waiting 1+ days not sold…


we don’t need this : New Relevance Sorting Algorithm

we need : discount products displayed on the first page.
We want buyers to find cheap products easy.
we don’t want to buy expensive items when there are cheap items.

another sold 9 hours ago

I waiting again again again
Why is the buyer paying more money?

19 hours ago SOLD !

$20.30 expensive item sold!

+42 OFF $18.10 item not sold , this must be a joke…

Gameflip is no longer relevance place to sell skins.

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Most likely, things are sold more expensive because sellers have a good rating and buyers have more confidence in them, this is not strange if the seller has regular customers, even the gameflip rules have a clause on how to attract a buyer.
For example, I always have a conversation with customers and wonder what I can offer them for the purchase, and I have my regular customers, if you are not happy with the volume of your sales, why you won’t find a better place

I like the new algorithm, although it is not perfect yet, but it encourages sellers who work a lot.

of course you like it. because the price of your products is expensive and is on the first page ?

This is recommended items first page

Glowing Skull $34.50

Alien Red $29.78

Now let’s see my prices.
Why are my items not recommended?
Why aren’t my items on the first page?
that doesn’t make any sense.

No, my sales are not on the first page, and they are sold right now in a smaller amount than before the introduction of the new algorithm, but in general it is better than when someone spam their things on the main page every minute.
Well, that Glowing Skull costs $ 34.5, this does not mean that it will be sold at such a price, how do you know how the seller received this skin and set this price, everyone trades as they want, the site has restrictions on setting the value of things, above this restrictions, the seller will not put a price, but why it doesn’t show you on the main page and in the recommended ones may be due to your low rating or insufficiently balanced algorithm.
I see you sell your skins cheaply enough, I don’t understand why you are worried, judging by your sales history, you have very good sales, or do you want to become the only seller who will sell your skins? and other sellers do you think need to deny the opportunity to make money? I remind you that you have a very good competitive ability in the form of a very low selling price.