Tips for selling more games..?

Hi everyone, I recently used gameflip and I sold some games. I realized that even if the prices I put are competitive my games are never bought and with the right prices this has never happened to me in other sites tried in the past.
I don’t know if it’s because I don’t have positive feedback (being new) or because my games collapse right down and are barely visible but, I would like to know if there are tricks that I may not know. For example, I always see the usual sellers at the top of the list of games for sale in order of the most recent ones, even if they have put their article up for sale a long time ago, as if they were making a “bump” of the article, or if they delete and recreate the article in the same way for to be at the top of the list but this is allowed?

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This has nothing to do with your feedbacks.
Let’s take your listing of 7 Days to Die for example: on a Sale on Steam a person can buy it for $8.49, but you’re selling it for $14.70. But you most likely got it even cheaper on a bundle.
Bundled games are usually sold way cheaper than they are sold on steam for obvious reasons (they were acquired for way cheaper).
Keeping the former example: 7 days to die with many other nice games (Hollow Knight, Hitman First Season etc) was massively sold on Humble Bundle’s Mothly November 2018 bundle for $12 dollars, so you’re selling 1 game from the bundle for more money than the whole bundle.
See for how much the other sellers are selling the same products and if you wanna sell just put your price close to their price. IIRC Gameflip recommends setting 15% to the item’s full price. So if the game costs 25USD the recommended price is something around $3,75 (of course it’s only a recommendation; the market sellers set the final price in the end of the day - if there are many people buying it, the price will naturally rise).
Other than setting the price right, be patient and try adding new items regularly (sooner or later one of your item will attract attention and then people will start following your store). Hope it turns out well for you. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for replying. The price of my games is based on the value at that time. I don’t think there is a person in the world who sells “7 days to die” at 4$ right now because on the site is sold at at 18$ as an average. Another example is “call of duty black ops”, it was just bought today at 32.99$ from a seller who is always in the first “row” when you looking for this game, while I have this for sale form a week at 17.60$ .
I don’t think it’s a price problem (mine never exceeds the average) but visibility. I see that many sellers always manage to be in the first line of research for a game both in relevance order and in recent articles (as I said before, deleting and re-creating the same order), this makes it more likely to sell and it increases their reputation, preventing everyone from increasing their own to be able to sell a little more, like a passive aggression that damages those who are new. I think it is worth reviewing the search for relevance (the more information you put, the more slumps in the search page and many, to be first, they don’t even say if their article is a code, a humble or something else) while the most recent article is right but you need to prevent sellers from playing dirty as described.
However I like the site and I think I will make other attempts with it, thanks for the best wishes ^ ^.
If anyone has any other advice or opinions on sales, it’s welcome.

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You asked for tips from older sellers (because they have more experience with the maket) and then just ignore it all and keep your mind on the same state that it was? I used a clear example in which I also quickly found 2 sellers selling 7 Days to Die for almost half of the price you’re selling. Why would buyers get the same game from you but paying way more?
Buyers know how to use the search system, so it is up to you to keep on blaming “lack of visibility” on steam games sector or to take other factors into consideration.
Good luck either way.

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On “7 days to die” I rely on statistics, and these say that more than 90% of sellers have a higher gaming price than mine (you can also check if you want) and in the last month it has never been sold at a lower price of 14.99$ (which is now also my price).
On “call of duty black ops 4”, the price at which it is sold is usually 14.99$ without DLC, with DLC I sell it for 17$ (with the DLC I found only another user with a lower price than mine on the site).
As you can see I also don’t say meaningless things, and I’m not here to be right or to blame but just to confront and learn from older sellers and more.
That said, it is true that I criticized some aspects of the site, but criticism is necessary if we want to improve and I think there is nothing wrong with highlighting aspects of the site such as relevance research that is not useful for the reasons explained above (otherwise if you’re shocked by the my prices, you tell me if they were not first in the search as some sold this game for 32.99$ in these days!!?).
Many thanks for the good luck.

It’s because it is not easy to search and sort results efficiently so many people just don’t. That’s why so many people complain about ‘spammers ruining the site’ and why the spammers continue to relist their items on the front page daily. I’ve definitely sold things at a higher price because they were on the first pages and someone didn’t take the time to use the search function.

For example, if I want the cheapest CS:GO Keys other than Hydra there’s no way to search for that easily. Another example is that if you list certain categories as non-auto delivery it won’t appear unless directly searched for. For some reason the App displays coordinated transfer skins first while the site displays Bot-trade first. I’m sure many people don’t search the other method of transfer and miss deals.

Gameflip offers a great feature letting people sell and cashout for a wide variety of things, but the search functionality and lack of visibility of good deals are exactly what holds it back.


Agreed. Indeed it can get pretty messy on the listings of game items (thus why there are a lot of people complaining, as you pointed out). I rarely see the same confusing relistings etc when it comes to game listings, though. I enter every single day on the Steam games area to look for deals and it’s pretty easy to quickly find the best deals when new listings come up.

Ticio_Mevio has given you a very good explanation, im not rly sure whether ur asking for more tips or simply ranting cause someone didnt buy from you and bought from those spammers. But 000 has pointed out something that has been going on for months.

For example, when i want to search the lowest price for Skyrim special edition, i have to scroll through countless or spam listings (not auto-delivery at all) of standard and legendary edition before coming to the lowest price of the special edition these spammers placed.

Something needs to be done, but gameflip isnt doing anything. It’s pretty normal as i myself am facing troubles in selling games but i soon sell most of my stuff on my local online site and found it much pleasant.

Suggestion for you, Gamerland: Gameflip sure offers a convenient service for sellers to withdraw, but it has its own flaws as well. Spammers have been an ongoing thing that needs to be solved but isnt seen as much of a nuisance to Gameflip. If you’re able to find alternatives, just treat Gameflip as one of the online stores you have, branch out, learn the trends, search for cheaper deals to resell if possible, and don’t just put all your eggs on a basket, place it on other baskets as well.


#asiandudegames: Thanks for your reply, I fully agree with your comments. I will certainly try to follow your advice to expand and not bet everything here so as not to sell too slowly.

I dont want to start any trouble, but as “7 days to die” was taken as an example in previous comments:

You can buy it for $7.65 right now on Greenman Gaming

Yes I saw. This is we say “the danger of work”, at any time a game you have for sale can be put offer on other sites xD. However 7 days to die or COD 4 were just examples.