Any tips for new sellers?

Hey everyone!

I started selling a few game keys and in-game items a while back and enjoyed the experience on Gameflip. I’m considering selling more items now but it seems almost impossible for small stores to get any customers unless it’s an extremely popular item. I always check other prices and make sure to provide the best price for buyers, in addition to checking what items have sold for in the past. Are there any tips you would advise me to follow as a new seller. (I have 35 total sold and 20 reviews, which are 100% positive)


Hello @Michael_Feghali,

You can use this forum to show what you are selling, using the correct topic.

Make sure that your prices are good, use custom images for your listing to pop out.

If your price is good enough, it will sell. It is hard work to sell something when many are selling the same item, but there are customers that like to buy from a certain store.

It will take time but try to be as competitive as possible, and you will make a name of yourself.

Thank you so much for the advice.
I will definitely take it into consideration

Hey @Michael_Feghali,

It’s all about having great patience! List your items and forget about it unless you need to adjust the price when you compare your items to other sellers.

Quick delivery and having your online status on helps a bunch! Be sure to make nice with your buyers to help get them to return to your shop (I offer discounts to my buyers to show my appreiation for choosing my shop).

I sold over 400 items in three months and have met so many cool people. Gameflip is the best!

Good luck! :grin:


Hi, would anyone here be so kind to send me a msg, I am unable to contact a seller because I have not received any msgs 37TS4Q.
Ty if you can help

Did you purchase something from the seller…? You can also comment on their listing too…

Yes but they took off the listing and there were no other ones I could comment on

No I didn’t make the purchase

Hi, you can contact me here if you want.