protecting yourself as a buyer or seller on GameFlip

Hey guys, so i wanted to reiterate what i have mentioned a few days ago and do an updated version/ more expanded for all to see and make Gameflip an even better marketplace and making bad transactions getting resolved by Gameflip much more seamlessly and faster.

So a few days ago I offered a valuable tip for all who buy and sell on Gameflip about taking pictures of your item you bought or sold and even video.

For Sellers:
When selling on Gameflip ( physical items such as games and accessories.) Make sure:
#1 be as descriptive as you can. With as much information provided possible.
#2 please make sure that the condition is correctly listed on your listing. and maybe even mention it in the description as well.
#3 Try and keep the price reasonable. For ideas on pricing look on google, Ebay, Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy etc. and gather your own price from there and list.
#4 When you have sold your item(s) make sure that you properly ship it. Use either bubble poly mailers or use bubble wrap or airbags in boxes to keep the item(s) secure for transport.
#5 which is probably the most important tip which can help save you some serious $$$$.
This again is only a suggestion you do not have to listen to me but I am merely trying to help.
I personally will record myself showing the item i sold, who i sold it to ( if label is present show them the label with the information.) and i will then pack up the item, SEAl the item and show that it is in fact sealed and then end the video. I normally do this on purchases made of $25 or more or if it is new or if I just feel the need to make the video. ( you can do it for all and any items you have sold but me personally i normally do it for big items like $25 or more.
this is the best evidence to provide Gameflip if for some reason an issue should arise from your buyer filing a ticket about the purchase.

For Buyers:
When buying an item or Items from Sellers on Gameflip.
#1 Please Please Please BEFORE you make your purchase read the Description. It is there to help you. Make sure you know what is or isn’t included with your purchase. Know the condition of the item(s) and any other information that the buyer has written down for you. This is seriously the most important step as a buyer if you don’t read the description, the condition, or what is/ isn’t included that will defiantly have to make Gameflip Help have to step in and create a lot more hassle for something that could have been prevented before buying. Please read the description Always.
#2 Have some communication with the seller. Its not always needed but should be a welcomed idea. Always talk with each other with respect and kindness. You can ask him/her some questions or even chat about other things related. When they will be shipping or even ask for updates when they do ship.
#3 Receiving your item.
When you receive your item you have 2 choices, ( which again are completely up to you to make.)
For me personally when i receive the item i inspect the package before opening it. if I find it has some rips or i hear the disc flying around while moving the box i will RECORD myself opening the package i received. Or especially when i spend $20 or more for the item recorded is highly ENCOURAGED.
So I receive the item i take it to a quiet place and begin recording i show the package ( and the shipping label showing who it is from and then show the whole package 360 view and share any rips or holes in the video. Then i will start opening the package. Once it is open i will show the top to the camera then take the items out. Show the empty inside of the package and then move on to my items. I will open the cases up and check the condition of my discs. Look at the back and move it around for the camera to see any/ every scratch. Comment on it make sure it was as described ( new, like new, good, fair, poor condition)
If all the contents are ok with you then go ahead and end the video and you may delete it if you chose to.
If a problem should arise please contact Gameflip Help and submit a ticket. let them know you have a video and where to send it to. I personally used youtube and a private setting and sent them a personal link so they can view it.)
#4 if purchase is fine then rate the seller to complete the transaction.

I hope that this helps everyone sorry its long but needed.
Always record if you can for maximum protection.
Will have another 1 soon for digital content so stay tuned.
Any questions please feel free to ask me and ill be happy to help you.
Thanks for reading.
-Vincents Gaming


Awesome tips and thanks for putting this together! There’s a lot of great information in here that will surly help make both buying and selling smoother for all.

Thank you Bur, and your welcome! Im trying to help you guys out the most i can as well and to make it easier for us. i personally hate having to deal with bad transactions as i’m sure your aware of how many times i’ve had to contact you guys due to it. I have plenty more tips and tricks i will be adding 1-3 times a week to make everything better for all of us. and thats my goal to make transactions much smoother.

Great tips! Very useful to both parties

thank you glad you found them useful.
Please keep an eye out for more tips tricks nd other updates as i will make 1-3 a week.