¡Hello Gameflip!

Hey, my name is Josh and I’m basically here to buy and sell video games I have tons of xbox 360 games that I no longer play due to issues with my av cord so I’ve decided to get rid of those in return buy new games for my ps3 and ps4. If anyone has any tips on selling or buying I would love to hear them.


Welcome to Gameflip! I suggest you sell for a very low price, check the other listings for a game you’re planning to sell if you need an idea. People here come to buy cheap, even if you have a good deal you won’t sell unless the price is low.

Try to avoid game lots or bundles as those are priced more heavily, so sell individually.

Have fun making money! :grinning:

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Hey, thanks for the advice man I just made my first sell. I didn’t feel comfortable with the lowering part but still it turned out to be great for me and the buyer so thanks again.

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No problem!

Lowering the price can be hard when you’ve got a goal to meet (in this case buying games for your PS3/PS4) but you’ll be happy getting what you can.

Good luck in your future deals!

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Hey Josh! Welcome to Gameflip! My name is Linh and along with @op_JOkEr @BurTheFly and @jyuriann, we’re the Live Operations Team at Gameflip. When we’re not doing other awesome Gameflip stuff at work, you’ll see us lurking the forums once in a while answering random questions our users might have!

We have been ITCHING to release a Tips & Tricks guide for Gameflip users, but have been waiting for a certain Gameflip update to go through before we start that project. Until then, I can briefly give you some tips!

  1. Be as clear and transparent as possible. Several clear pictures from every angle, a grammatically correct and detailed description, and a realistic “Seller sends in” timeline. If you have pictures of the game case closed, game case open, front and back of the CD, then users are more likely to trust you. If your description is clear, it’s also more trustworthy. I bring up the “Seller sends in” thing because some people say they’ll send the item in 1 Day and when they don’t, they complain about the user shipping late etc etc; even if they get their item and its in perfect condition, they might give you a Neutral or Poor rating because you shipped late and it “seems shady”.

  2. Talk to your potential buyers. We built the comment function for a reason – talk to people, answer their questions! The goal isn’t just to haggle prices (thought that’s a big reason why we implemented it), I like to think that it’s a good way for potential buyers to gauge how trustworthy the Seller is. If they’re interacting with people on all their listings, it shows they’re active. If they’re professional and not rude, then that’s a plus! I’ll gladly buy something from them cause they seem reliable.

  3. Keep in constant contact during shipping. After you sell something, head over to the listing and send the Buyer a quick “Thanks for buying!” message. Let them know when you plan to ship, if you might encounter any problems, etc. Try to be as open and transparent as possible. Contacting them early on also gives you a better chance of the Buyer rating you because they’re invested now. Though there are people who just don’t talk and forget to rate the seller when they get their item, we found that a complete transaction tends to happen when buyers and sellers communicate more. Don’t be afraid to remind them to rate when the item’s delivered too!

Congrats on your first sale! :smiley: Hope these tips help in future sales! :smile:

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