Cannot sell an item

HI I’m new to gameflip just sold my first iTunes GC but I had only listed one because I wanted to figure out how everything worked before listing the rest I have. Do after the first one sold with no issues I’m trying to list another one but for some reason after I enter all info and get to the bottom to either list or delete whenever I press the button to complete it and list it nothing happens it just stays on the same screen I have checked and rechecked I habe everything entered and it’s all correct but to no avail it still won’t list but I can click delete and it deletes it? I don’t know what the problem is I’m hoping someone can help me out?!

Hello @Kayla_Basham and welcome to the Gameflip forum!

Are you using the Gameflip mobile app or
If you are using, which web browser do you use? Have you tried using a different one?

Make sure that you fill all the necessary information and specify the shipping conditions. Also, Gameflip does not allow repeated keys to be sold, so make sure there are no typos when listing your gift card.