Can’t sell gift codes

Please help me idk what I did I can’t sell my $50 psn that I bought it says “account not egilible to publish this listing”I don’t know what to do please help anyone my invite code is FGZ3L2

New restriction to avoid scammers

I have two good ratings and 0 bad idk why I can’t sell the psn code I bought I just wanted gameflip money please help

And I can post other things just not gift cards

You have to fulfill any one of the requirements in the page Ismael_sv linked. Those requirements are specifically for selling gift cards. I don’t think having “two good ratings” counts as “You have a long and successful track record of selling on Gameflip”. Try to fulfill any of the other requirements.

For adding funds I need to add from my credit card?

You have added funds into your account after Jun 28, 2018

There’s no mention of adding funds with a credit card in that one requirement, so it should still count if you were to add funds with PayPal.

Ok thank u guys so much for helping me<3